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Research & Development

In order to generate systematic innovations and to adjust pro-actively to market development, SFL technologies cooperatively collaborates with Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterfibag  (Hans Höllwart - Forschungszentrum für Integrales Bauwesen AG / Hans Höllwart - Research Center for Integral Construction Engineering).
The active base concept (abc) delivers sustainable strategies for technologies and product solutions. Based on this concept, the focus lies on active and passive energy technologies as well as automatic sun screening technologies, integrated photovoltaics & solar thermal systems, decentralized ventilations systems and integrated wind converters. SFL strives to implement innovations, technical progress and sustainability in its products!

Products & Licenses

Products of this collaboration and other abc-innovation of fibag  are marketed under the label SKIN® and are divided into product lines. SFL is a licensed production and distribution partner of fibag and produces in the areas of energy technology and facade constructions.